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the lighthouse

06 May 2014

A happy dance

How're you going?

I am doing a little wiggly dance of happiness because -   ba-da-da-da  - (bright, happy, announcey trumpet sounds)  MasterChef Australia 2014 has begun.

I reckon (see, it's already rubbing off on me) that I'm drawn to cookery shows because in my secret heart I'd like to be able to do what I see them do. I'd love to look at a random assortment of ingredients and turn them, presto! into a delicious dish. I'd love to know how to fix a dish that went wrong. I'd love the opportunity to learn from accomplished and generous chefs like they have on the show.  I'm inspired every time I watch it to bring food back to basics: keep it fresh and simple.

So says the girl who had a banana and peanut butter for supper.

How do people do it?  How do you go to work for a full day's slog, then come home after to prepare a toothsome, wholesome meal?  My friend Sarah finds it relaxing and inspiring. It satisfies her creative spark, I think.  I see that spark in the contestants as they tackle these impossible seeming challenges and learn not only about food, but about themselves in the process.  It's lovely and uplifting and entertaining and even educational.  I'm so looking forward to these next weeks.

Excuse me now, won't you?  I'm going to attempt something inspired with leftover rice.

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