The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

12 September 2014

The Sound of Moonlight

A writing prompt: What does moonlight sound like?

Moonlight has a gentle voice, soft and hushed as befits its reflected light. It does not shine as brightly as the sun, nor does it sing with such gusto as the sun.

It speaks in whispers, sometimes crisp and clear, and at other times in muted, lamenting tones.

The sound of moonlight is like a brook moving over stones, while the light of the sun thunders over cliffs like a mighty river.

Moonlight reaches through clouds and whispers through leaves. If you listen closely, you can hear memories. 


  1. If you listen closely, you can hear memories...." ooooh, how wonderful.....

  2. Thank you!

    What does moonlight sound like to you, Nancy?

  3. I draw a total blank on this one, Tess. Which is why I'm so struck at what you've done with it!

  4. Aw.. ok.
    I'm glad you liked it.

  5. It is the sound of a lover's kiss on a warm summer night
    Or the splash of a wave as its light rides the crest to shore.
    Perhaps it is the rustle of leaves flashing through a graveyard on Halloween
    Or the hush of fog aglow with silver beams.

    You know, this prompt deserves a real poem. Someday I hope to do a little book of poetry. I may ask your help.

  6. Ask away!
    And I like your sounds of moonlight.