The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

29 October 2014

Bits n pieces

Remember remember the start of November.

I like to hijack poetry. And catchy yet ominous phrases about historic events.

November is nigh; it is very very close.  Which means it is nearly time to NaNoWriMo.  I tried it last year but lost track after about a week.  I fell right off the WriMo wagon.  I had hoped to have this year's story all plotted out, but life has been uncooperative what with needing to work and all that nonsense, so no plot.  There is an idea I really like though.  I like the characters and the general arc, but the bits in the middle are as yet unknown to me.  I'm trying to get my other writing commitments polished now so that I can devote November to writing just for me.  I'm telling you about this - making it public - for accountability's sake.  I want to, at the beginning of December, flip through the pages of this new notebook I bought specially, and see very good bones of a promising novel.  A brilliant novella even.

I was overtaken the other day by the realization that I love where I live. For an army brat like me who has more than 25 moves in her past, it is a relief to look up from the packing peanuts to realize I am finally home.

Are blogs over? They were all the rage there for a while and everyone was blogging about absolutely anything. I started out blogging about living with the Peanuts with the occasional nods to political rants, footie, and writing thrown in. I don't really know what the purpose of the Lighthouse is anymore. Sometimes I feel like Kathleen Kelly speaking into the void: there is a need to send words into the ether and am comforted with the thought that maybe somebody, somewhere, is reading them.

Another query: I must find something to read to a grade six class.  Grade six is difficult. They're too bored to be impressed by anything, too cool to express emotions, reactions, or opinions. It has to be sophisticated enough to acknowledge their maturity yet not be too complex (because, sadly, attention span and vocabulary these days... eesh).  What's a librarian to do?  Any suggestions?

I've had mouse issues recently.  I thought I had it licked with a very liberal application of oil of oregano (later followed up with a very liberal application of peppermint oil) but I was wrong.  So I bought a can of crazy foam to seal up where I think the mouse door is, which is the extractor fan hole. Only the hole is very very high, and way deep inside a dark and awkwardly placed cupboard. And I've never used a spray can like that before with the long nozzle thing that has to be aimed every so carefully and the foam that comes out is ugly and VERY sticky.  So let's just say the extractor fan hole is now very full of lumpy guck, some of which may have dripped a bit.

I keep hearing noises in the basement when there shouldn't be anything in the basement to make noises.  Should I be concerned?

Very last thing:  the footie is breaking my heart this year.  I am officially broken-hearted and it might never heal.


  1. Please keep sending your words into the void. No matter what you're writing about, at least one void-dweller always enjoys them (points at self, says me-me-me).

    Thank yer.

  2. Nancy, I KNEW you would get the reference!
    Good night, dear void. I'm glad you're out there.