The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

05 January 2015

Flight, unofficially

This is a Five Sentence Fiction prompt from last year. It didn't make the transition from notebook to blog in time to be included that week, so here it is, an unofficial entry.

The prompt word: Flight

She snuggled in nice and close, leaning on his shoulder, pressing as much of herself against him as possible. Was it his imagination or was it suddenly harder to breathe? Her voice... that voice... faded in and out of his awareness, going on about a party they should go to and maybe they could invite his parents over for dinner on Thursday.
Peeling her arms away, he stood abruptly, muttering about having forgot to feed the dog and needing to go home.
"But Robert, you don't have a dog!" she said, bewildered. "Robert? This is your house... Robert?"

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