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the lighthouse

28 April 2015

Departure : Five Sentence Fiction

Five sentence fiction from Lillie McFerrin Writes - a story told in five sentences.
This week's prompt word is Departure.

Two little feet inched over the side of the bed, tip-toed across to the door, and snuck down the hallway to the top of the stairs. Two little hands gripped the banister as one little nose poked over the top. Two little eyes, spying no one, gleamed with mischief. One small body stepped from tread to tread, cleverly avoiding the creaky places in the middle.  The sounds of dishes being washed in the kitchen sink didn't falter as the front door silently snicked closed behind one little boy not taking his nap.


  1. ahaha, sounds like my son many years ago:) Cute ...I was a bit worried it would end with his falling down the stairs.

    1. It's inspired by a real-life little boy who wouldn't stay in his bed. He did, from time to time, fall down those stairs, but I didn't want any bumps or bruises in this story.
      Thanks for stopping by the Lighthouse!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes indeed! Far too clever for his own good. Or his mother's sanity.

  3. I really like this story. Sweet use of the prompt!

  4. Sounds like me when I was a little one. That was quite some time ago...

    Quite a different idea for the use of the prompt!