The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

03 July 2015

July Day Three

As I write this, the sun is hovering just above the horizon in a burst of orange and hot yellow. Birds are madly chattering at each other in a way that makes me wonder if they just chirp to hear themselves chirp, or if they understand each other, from one sort of bird to another. I can also hear the voices of people in the orchard behind my house picking cherries. Not what they're saying, just the sound of their presence out there.

It's been a busy day.  A mighty quick day. I can't believe we're at its end already.  Front-line public library duty is exhausting work - be kind to your librarian the next time you visit!  I'm back again tomorrow, and thinking that I may not survive it.  There is an algorithm I haven't worked out that translates time based on an introvert doing extroverted activities.  It must be something like: four hours of friendly outgoingness for an introvert = 7.5 hours of regular work to an extrovert.

I did manage to write just shy of 300 words yesterday. That's not a vast amount by any means, but I made an exciting discovery.  Gamel started not in England as I'd imagined, but in Germany, and this became clear because the brown corduroy and tweed-wearing antique shop owner is named Mr. Hummels, and not Mr. Hobbs.


More written today.

And so one chapter, at last, is written.

Day three: complete.

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