The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

27 April 2018

Of tractors and more

I live in the country.

Or at least I used to until everyone and their dog wanted to build their house across the street. My little hamlet is becoming a town.

Even so, my landlord owns a tractor. Actually three tractors of various sizes. One is actually a snowblower type machine, but I like the reaction I get when I say "three tractors". One is smallish, and is used primarily for moving things like very large flower pots from one bit of the property to another bit, and to takes piles of paper to the burn pile out back by the orchard.

The largest one has its very own bay in the garage, and it only comes out for the very heavy work. It gets hitched up to tillers and seeders and other things I'd make up the names of, but you'd catch on that I don't really know what I'm talking about so I'll leave it at that.

When I came home today I saw him hard at work out in the field with BT (Big Tractor) which made me happy because the man really does love to putter with his toys. Eventually I heard rumbling approaching the house, and then the sound of BT's wheel on the paved driveway. And then nothing. I heard doors open and close out there, and an occasional mutter, and then again nothing.

The next thing I saw was him walking past my living room window with a rifle in hand.

They don't shoot tractors, do they?

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