The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

24 November 2008


...meaning Cute Things Kids Say.
I have the great privelege of living in close proximity to 5 delightful, energetic, and interesting boys. I hope their wonderful mommy doesn't mind me appropriating their words.

  • You are the best mommy that ever survived.

  • I never had any patience, and I never will have. Get used to it!

  • Oh! I didn't hear you before; but this time you yelled just the right amount!

  • Don't chew your fingers! Your fingernails are there to protect your fingers [said wise mommy to little boy] No they're not! They're for chewing!

  • Go out and walk around the yard five times [said wrathful mommy to squirmy little boy] But that will take me hours!

    There will be future ctks posts...every day provides new material!

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