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the lighthouse

22 July 2010

The wait is nearly over

Four, Five and I walked to our park today. I've mentioned before the 'make work project' in our municipality of rebuilding and updating the play structures in our parks. They were to be completed by the end of June - a date all parents recognize as when the kids are finished school, will be home all day, and will need some occupation. Such as a handy park nearby.

We are now well and truly past the end of June. In fact, the end of July is close enough I can count its freckles, and our park still stands incomplete and unused. Mama Nut phoned the relevant people last week, to inquire very politely into the reasons for the long delay and was assured with confidence that all systems would be a go by the end of this week. It is now Thursday, so the end of the week is close enough I can hear it breathe.

Last night I took Two and Three with me to the library by bicycle, and the babies were very disappointed they couldn't come on their tricycle and plastic push-car. So I promised them an outing to the park in the morning, just the three of us.

And so, this morning we duly set off, parkwardbound. I fully expected to find the park as it has been all summer - skeletons of swing sets without swing seats, and climbing bars perched in concrete... not exactly child-friendly. Lo, though, and behold, there were men at work! Bob the Builder and his crew were laying the soft and squishy ground cover. Surely even hours from now we can play?

Though we couldn't yet swing and slide, we sat on a conveniently placed bench and watched the workers go about their task. They seemed to do so rather inefficiently... I was so tempted to suggest alternatives but decided to let them at it, while Four fairly strained to hunker down right beside them to observe closely how they hammered the fuzzy fake grass into place, or cut through the material with very sharp knives.

It would seem all that remains is to complete the carpeting and hang the swings before the park will be open for business - our wait is well and truly nearly over!

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