The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

16 September 2010


There's a lot of corn in the world. Three, as the van passed the seventh endless field of corn. Corn must be famous.

Daddy! Daddy! Come and see! Four, tip toeing up to the grownups in an exaggerated fashion, knees coming up high, arms held close to his sides. There's a spider! A mommy long legs!

Helping himself to some highly seasoned peanuts, Four ever so casually commented, "Mmm... I like these. I'm a grown-up now."

Five, on being given a sandwich for lunch, responded with, "Nooooo" (in ascending octaves) "I don't want a sandwich. I want ice cream!"

Several evenings later, icecream was part of dessert. The bucket sat empty on the table, and Five, not believing it was indeed empty, asked to see inside it. And so, he stuck his whole head inside to inspect it, holding it up to his mouth, in case there were any drops remaining inside for him to catch on his tongue. Then he looked over at his father and said, "Get more, Dad!"

Riding the slide at the park (which he could do all day long) Five would occasionally bump a knee or his head, causing him to cry out: "My body!"

One, telling the family over supper one night about the famous Egyptian Pharaoh, talked about 'Toukenhammon' and how he was bashed on the head... or poisoned...maybe he was murdered? Two just had to ask: "Touken-who?"

Hearing someone call the mushrooms on their plate marshmallows, Four was very upset to not see any white sweetness on his plate of pasta, and insisted he have marshmallows too.

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  1. I know they are mine, but seriously..... these be pretty DARN cute kids!!