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the lighthouse

27 April 2011

We never walk alone: prayer buddy reveal

I met wonderful new people this Lent through a prayer buddy project hosted at a blog I stumbled on through a friend (thank you Miss Bellum!).  It's a small world when you have good friends by your side.

I was given the opportunity to pray for Megan during Lent.  From her I learned a little about the heartache of infertility, which gave me new appreciation for what some of my friends are experiencing.  God gave women the special gift of suffering - mothers endure discomfort then pain during pregnancy and delivery, and on into the child's adult life. Ask any mother and they'll tell you it never really stops - a woman's heart can't help but love to the point of pain... and sometimes the pain comes from that love yearning for a child to give itself to.  Megan and her husband are now awaiting the birth of their first son - Praise God!

A blessed, happy and holy Easter to you, Megan, your husband and baby boy.  There is new life!

And, a special thank you to Lauren who has been praying for me as we wandered through the Lenten desert.  Thank you Lauren!  I've enjoyed reading about you since the 'Easter reveal'. 

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