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03 July 2012

Of shoes and the feet that go in them

Yes, this is another shoe story.  Have you ever considered how important good shoes are?  And by 'good' I don't mean 'cute', but actual good, supportive, functional, non-pinching, non-blister inducing shoes. A person's emotional and physical well-being depends on the quality of their shoes.

My standard for shoes used to lean heavily toward the cuteness factor (I immediately rule out high heels, because a tottering, clunking, woman is never cute). I got away with such low expectations because I wore them from the car to the desk; from the desk to the car - and every now and then to the coffee shop.  The longest I'd have to stand in them was during the standing bits at Mass.

These days I'm in a whole other ballpark. I walk to work as often as possible (ie. the humidity factor is below frizz levels) and while there, spend much of the day on my feet, on cement floors. By the end of the day, my feet and legs are aching. I've never understood why women were so big on having their feet massaged, but let me tell you, I'd give anything for a foot rub some nights.

As my aching feet are also extremely ticklish, I've concluded my best bet is to find a pair of really good shoes - shoes that are walkable and standable,and yet still look at least a little cute. I am not going to spend my days in Crocs or 'Stocks.

Telling my sister of my quest we recently toured the local mall.  With two of the smallest Peanuts with us.  Imagine, if you will, shopping for shoes with a 4 year old and a 5 year old.  Boys. In small, crowded, decidedly not boy-friendly shops. After enjoying the experience in the first three stores (oh, why do I do this to myself?) by the time we got to the fourth, I tried on an uninspiring, not very comfortable pair and decided they 'would do'.  I knew, even then, it was the wrong decision.

For two weeks now, I have been trying to find time in my schedule to head up to the next nearest town - 45 minutes down the road - to return The Shoes That Were a Bad Idea.  I went once, to discover the store was closed.  I will go again today after work. I no longer expect to find the perfect pair of cute yet functional shoes. Maybe I should invest in a foot massager.

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