The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

25 November 2012


New Town has a very large Nativity set up in a public park down town   Hoorah! I must (sheepishly) admit I didn't expect it and was stunned this morning when I first spotted it. I will make a point of writing to my official representative to register my approval.

It is very nearly Advent, my very favouritest time of year.  Meanwhile, I wish you all a very happy Feast of Christ the King.  May He reign in your heart!


  1. I envy you Tess living in a community that will allow a public display such as this, yet at the same time I almost wish you didn't blog it for now there maybe someone who reads this and complain about the Nativity scene and threaten a lawsuit. Sad huh? But to you, a happy Feast of Christ the King also!!

  2. Happy Feast of Christ that King! Also, it is good to know that there are places in this world that have outdoor Nativity Scenes, thanks be to God. May you have a wonderful Advent as well. I am happy because it is always wonderful to start the Advent season, and we also are blessed to have snow right now... so I am hoping it continues.

    God bless,

  3. I bought stamps today, and had a choice of what Christmas theme I'd like to have. They had one with Mary and Jesus, can you believe it? Canada Post will be spreading the Good News this Christmas season.