The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

06 April 2013

Of birds and books

I wish I was a bird. I would chirp and tweet and hop from branch to branch of the highest tree. On a beautiful blue sky day like today, I want to chirp.

Thursday last, between leaving the building and arriving at my car, I spotted seven hawks circling overhead. Is there anything more graceful than a large bird, wingspan outstretched, gently drifting on the currents? How restful it must be, to simply float through the air.

I'd take a dose of Gravol first, of course.

What is your idea of ultimate peace?
If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
What book are you reading right now, and would you recommend it to friends?

Actually, here's a question I'd love to get some answers to:
Is there a book that was The Bomb... every person you know read it, it was on all the best seller's lists... and when you finally got your hands on it, it did absolutely nothing for you?  What was all the fuss about, anyway?

Circling overhad like a hawk would be my idea of peacefullness. A more earthbound option is to be on the shore of big water. A wide open expanse of water soothes my soul.

I'd like to be able to fly, if I could have my pick of superpowers. Though, there is a series of books for children, about a girl named Emily Eyefinger. She has an eyeball on the tip of one of her fingers, and she uses it to solve mysteries, by peeking around corners etc.  There are times when that would be useful.

One of the books I'm reading at the moment is called Locavore. It's about the local food movement in Canada.  Quite interesting so far. Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who either enjoys reading nonfiction, or if you are concerned about the food industry.

As for a book that was a letdown for me... hmmm. The English patient by Michael Ondaatje. I'm sorry to say it bored me to tears. Made for a fine movie, but as a book, I couldn't see what all the fuss was about.

Have a lovely weekend, dear Reader.


  1. Dan Brown's book - Angels and Demons. Did nada for me. Actually made me kind of nauseated.

  2. Questions? Ok, my idea of ultimate peace is sitting in Adoration. Superpower, um... never though of it, but I guess I agree with the flying (my favourite character in X-Man is the 'Angel'). I am reading several books right now, so cannot name only one. I have never read a book that was 'The Bomb" at the time... I tend to only read books that I am interested in.

    Well, I hope that you are having a wonderful Easter Season.
    God bless,

  3. My idea of ultimate peace is thinking on Jesus and His words, despite my several sins.
    I'm rereading the New Testament and planning to buy "Catholicism: A Journey to the heart of Faith" by Fr. R. Barron. I have read many good recommendations about that book.