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the lighthouse

11 January 2014

Of flip phones, disco balls, and tangerines

I miss my flip phone. It was satisfyingly final to snap it shut.  Plus, I knew for sure the thing was off when it was closed.  I don't how many times since I got a smart phone (not an entirely apt appellation) I've thought the call was disconnected, only to later hear an automated voice ask me if I'm still there.

There is always - always - a moment of 'oh good grief' in a job interview. On one occasion it was the unfortunate combination of dry mouth and nervous smile resulting in a permanent and awkward smile as my upper lip stuck to my teeth. Trying to prevent that unfortunate situation, I applied a liberal - though professional - amount of lip gloss prior to an interview this week.  There was no fixed-lip grimace this time. No, instead, the gloss clumped in the corners of my mouth, and in my imagination they became the size of ping-pong balls, and as they were glossy, like disco balls they were catching and reflecting all the light in the room, dazzling and distracting the interviewing panel.  Oh, and between the warmth of the room, my nerves, and my embarrassment at the mini disco balls on my face, my cheeks got hotter and hotter and I'm sure redder and redder as time went on.

The one consolation to this season of apples and pears, and apples and pears (how I miss the berries and peaches!) is the Christmas tangerine.  I've been known to eat them like candy - as many as 12 a day. However, it is not possible to eat twelve tangerines a day every day for long. Eventually the little cuties sit in the fruit bowl for so long they begin to shrink in on themselves inside the peel. What's a girl to do with a bowl of nearly dried up tangerines?  (The really good ones are not sold individually but in crates or plastic nets in large quantities. Once the festive visiting season is over, what seemed a reasonable pile of tangerines now seems mountainous) Well, what this girl did is add a goodly amount of tangerine juice to gelatin, a splash of rum, and some condensed milk. Once refrigerated, it was a cool and creamy, light and tangy dessert.  Yum!  Of course anything with a splash of rum must be good, no?


  1. I do agree about the splash of rum. I must admit, however, that many of my splashes have been a bit larger than what could be appropriate. Everyone survived, though.

    Hope the job interviews work out!

  2. The best splashes of rum border on the inappropriate, don't you think?

    Glad you lived to tell the tale... and splash again.