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the lighthouse

01 May 2014

What to do about the PAB

I'm suffering from Post-Alphabetic-Blues.

You know, dear Reader, if you've been around here lately, that there has been much more writing going on than there has been for nigh on a year.  I wasn't sure that I'd be able to write something every day, most especially because I had to work my way along the alphabet, which seemed impossibly restrictive and bossy at the outset.  But what a rush it turned out to be!  Particularly now that it's over.  I've so enjoyed having ideas for what to write ticking over in the back of my mind all day long, and looked forward to getting home to give solid shape to those amorphous thoughts.

What to do now?

I could keep on trying to write something every day, but I'm feeling a yen (in the craving sense, not the currency sense) (though currency would work because it represents a means to obtain a wanted or needed good or service) (in this particular case the yen is a desire, and the desire could result in productivity, a greatly wanted good) Anyway. What I'm trying to say, in this annoyingly parenthetical way, is that this month of writing every day didn't have the pressure of an end objective like the NaNoWriMo write-an-entire-by-golly-novel-in-one-holy cow-month challenge. So this bite-sized approach was good.  But I also like the idea of having a finished something at the end of it all.  I'd really like to have a finished something.  The thing is... I don't know what my kind of writing thing is.

Again with the anyway.  I'm going to figure out how to channel this yen in order to counter the post-alphabet-blues.  Thoughts, comments, encouragement deeply appreciated!


  1. I know. I just finished my alphabet tonight, with 2 posts in one day and then one in which I freaked out over the Z one (in which I tried my hand at fiction and let it write itself and I'm SURE THAT WAS OBVIOUS). I liked having definite letters. I hope we both get over our post alphabet blues soon!

  2. We'll have to manage like every other writer, Nancy, one letter at a time. (haha!)

  3. Ummm Tess? I think I'd lay off the coffee for a bit....see comment in later article ;)

  4. Oh dear... is my inner worrywart showing?

    Sorry, Bobster.

  5. Not to worry Tess because we are Catholics, saints in the making, and until then, sinners.
    You can practice my future title by calling me Saint Bobster from now on.

  6. I might slip and call you Saint Bernard instead.