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the lighthouse

04 March 2015

The month that was: February

Oh dear.  The numbers are grim, but for the sake of accountability, here they are:

Blog posts: 2

Books read: 11

Writing elsewhere: 2

Crocheted baby blankets: 1

Brand new baby nieces: 1 !!

The Family of Nuts have added one to their number. Baby Girl Nut was born at the close of the most difficult February since... well, ever, really, and with her arrival has wiped away all the grim leaving only joy and gratitude.

Imagine a family of five boisterous, enthusiastically boyish boys. Imagine those boys having a very boisterous, enthusiastically boyish dad, and a mother who has surrendered any hope of bringing even a touch of pink into the house.

Now imagine into that family comes the most adorable, the loveliest, the sweetest little girl ever, and you must also imagine that 6 very boisterous, enthusiastically boyish hearts melting into 6 puddles of tenderness.

Also imagine one very smitten aunt.  I am in love with this little Peanut.

So, babies and winter.  That's what I've been up to this February.

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