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the lighthouse

29 January 2016

When worlds collide

I've taken to listening to BBC world news while cataloguing at work.  I've been wanting to write about it, as it touches on a few of my favourite soap boxes including language and vocabulary but I'll leave that for another day.

At 10:30 Sohoe time BBC world news has a half hour program about sport. They begin with the footie, then cover the cricket and the tennis, sometimes the auto races and whatever else may be going on in the world of sport.  Imagine: a whole half hour of in depth sports coverage with nary a mention of hockey! Or American football!  Heavenly.

Then, as if that wasn't enough to make a footie-mad cataloguer giddy with glee, at 14:30 Sohoe time is a program dedicated entirely to world football. It's such fun, with interviews, behind the scenes transfer news, FIFA shenanigans, tournament updates, national league updates and so on.

Just now, moments ago, the world football program mentioned the English Premier League club Chelsea.  Frank Lampard used to play for them (now for New York City FC). As I listened to the program, I was cataloguing a book by Frank Lampard, and it's about soccer. It's called Frankie's magic soccer ball: Frankie vs. the mummy's menace. The cover shows three kids dressed as ancient Egyptians playing football in front of the pyramids.

Footie and cataloguing.  All is right with the world.

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