The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

31 October 2012

Of Swiss dots and super storms

This is where I'm sitting  right in this very moment as I commune with my laptop, intending to write.  (And watch the Chelsea v Manchester United match) Instead, I get lost in contemplating the grey sky, or admiring the Swiss dot pattern of the curtain. The rain has been falling for days, and the wind has been blowing intermittently for just as long. Today is a perfect Thinking Day. Some days do seem reflective in nature, don't they?  I sit in my cozy chair, practically in my little windowsill garden thinking about the state of the world and my part in it.  There are terrible natural disasters occurring on both sides of my country.  To the south of me, a very important election is very nearly winding to a close and I'm very concerned about the results.

New Town has been on the receiving end of only the very mildest effects of Sandy - now called Super Storm Sandy in the news around here.  It's been exciting to follow updates of storm surges, wave heights, flooded subways, freakish happenings like the side of a building falling away....  But now the reality of it is setting in.  Several days have passed, and people are having to live with the consequences of that ruined building, those flooded subways, and the lack of electricity.  The enormity of what this Super Storm has wrought is so far beyond my comprehension that is just isn't real for me.  I keep you all in my thoughts and prayers, however, and hope you are all safe and sound. For any of you on the Left Coast, I pray that God keep you and yours safe from the devastating effects of the earthquakes. As for upcoming elections - both American and our own here in Ontario... o, dear Lord, help.


  1. Some days are completely meant for contemplation, and this week has been full of them. They are also good days for puzzles and reading as well. Although we have not had the effects of Sandy that those further south have... I think that we have definitely had the rain. Thank you also for the reminder to pray for those suffering from the effects of the storm and those preparing for the election. We definitely need God's mercy and guidance. Well have a wonderful day!

    God bless,

  2. Thank you, Frances.
    I love doing puzzles! Do you do the jigsaw or crossword variety?

  3. I'm picturing mentally you get lost contemplating the sky. I'm sure it's a charming and romantic picture :-)


  4. We were left pretty much unscathed where I live save for some wind and rain. I cannot imagine what some people are going through that got hit hard; no power, no food, no gas. It's just so hard to contemplate and at the same time Tess, you are right about the elections. If we end up with another four years of what we've been up against, I fear a hurricane may be the least of our worries in some respect. The damage will last a lot longer than Sandy and many more lives will be lost. Yes...please pray for my country.