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01 November 2012

Batman and the Human Torch.

Oh, how times have changed!

I just asked a little boy (about 7 years old) who is the best super hero.  I was thinking Batman (because, obviously, Batman is The Coolest super hero there is.)

I soon learned the error of my ways.  Elastic Man is the best, because he stretches.  Plus, when his arm is chopped off (you'd be surprised how often this happens) it grows right back.  Or he can change it.  And also, he can be a car or anything else.

That wasn't all.  This little boy had clearly given the question a great deal of thought before I ever asked it.  Next, is Mr. Fantastic.  And then it's The Human Torch.

The Human Torch?? I've never heard of him, nor do I really care to know what his super power is.  Or see him in action, come to that.  And yet, he's number three on the Coolest Super Hero list!


  1. I am a teacher and, yes, you are right, most boys give the super heroes lots of thought. I could enlighten you on the Human Torch (and many others), the knowledge of which comes from both teaching and being the oldest of seven (and seeing all the new super hero movies which have come out lately: inc. Fantastic Four, The Avengers, The Hulk, etc...). I won't, however, but I will say that I think that Batman is pretty fantastic (esp. in the third movie... which I think is the best of the three). Overall, I don't have a favourite, though I do like the "Black Widow' and "The Hawk" from the Avengers:).

    Well, times have changed:).
    God bless,

  2. Being a teacher gives you good insight into their lives, doesn't it?
    That little boy would have continued with his list, but his mom dragged him away. I'm sure she's been in that situation many times!

    I haven't seen the latest Batman movie yet, but I think Christian Bale has been doing a good job in the role.

  3. Yes, teaching opens many windows into a child, their lives, and how they perceive things/life. I once had a child spend his whole recess telling me jokes, it was wonderful!!!

    On a different note: yes, Christian Bale has been doing a wonderful job! When you have time the third is a wonderful ending to the trilogy.

    God bless,