The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

04 March 2014

From Linkin Park to Vienna

Happy Mardi Gras!

Lent begins tomorrow.  Are you giving anything up?  Taking on something extra?

I'll be starting a new job on Monday. I have to be there at 8am. That's feeling penitential after a year of not leaving the house until 9.25 for a 9.30 start. The interviewlette resulted in a job offer!

Hopefully it's not a misunderstanding.

On a piece of paper on my desk is written out a daily regimen for the next 40+ days. There's very little time for sloth and idleness (eh, Phipps?). I will also, if I have to strap myself into the chair, finally read Dante's Inferno. It's been gathering dust on the bedside table for 6 months. I know... pathetic attempt to hog the last brownie.

Giddiness has settled in. One shouldn't attempt to compose when one is feeling giddy. I can't seem to help myself though, as it is also enabling my procrastination habit.  I have four articles due by Thursday.  Four!

Also, one should select mood appropriate music when one is attempting to create thoughtful prose. Eve 6, Finger Eleven, Three Days Grace are conducive to dancing in the kitchen rather than productive reflection at the desk.

Calling Herr Brahms... Herr Brahms?


  1. I'll take Eve 6 for the win.

    And wow. Four. That's a whole lot. I've got a few due as well. My secret is to forget what day it is…and what day tomorrow is as well. It's been working out well so far.

  2. Oh my gosh! I didn't see your comment Sarah - bad blogger!

    Eve 6 is ever so good. I've got a few on heavy rotation, and since my nearest neighbours are a few thousand miles away for a while, I must admit I crank it up a wee bit now and then!