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the lighthouse

24 February 2014

The blip that was February

Like Ross and Rachel, I've been on a break. My job came to an end as January wound to a close. There were no prospects (the interview of the disco ball lip gloss turned out to be for a job already given to an internal candidate of that institution. Ah well.) and all I knew was that library jobs are more scarce than a Republican and a Democrat who get along. I also knew, somehow, that I was going to be ok for the month of February. Along came the proofreading gig that plumped my wallet nicely, and a cheque I'd forgotten I'd be receiving this month.  You know what?  I was fine for the month of February.

Figuring that job searching would take only so much time of every day, I decided I was going to write. Seriously write. Every day.  What happened?  Dear Reader, I did not write, beyond what obligation required of me. I didn't bake bread like I thought I would. I didn't master pie crust, clean the windows, scrub the oven, empty and organize the closets or finish The Inferno. And I don't feel guilty. Well, ok, maybe a little. I must have been internalizing the stress which causes me to freeze, somehow. Plus, I realize that for the year in New Town, and my year here in Lake Town, I haven't had any holiday. I've worked two years straight.  I know... woe to me. 

The result is that while I haven't been productive during these last 23 days, I feel ready to tackle life once more.  Today I started back supplying in school libraries - a challenging job sure to produce humorous anecdotes. Last week I went on  yet another interview, this one so short I'm not sure it qualifies as such. Do we call a very short job interview an interviewlette? If we'd met over coffee, my drink would still have been too hot for me to drink it by the time I left the building.  Regardless, it looks like I may have a placement for the rest of the school year with the school board. The library coordinator told me today to brace myself because the state of the library I'll be at beginning next week might cause librarian heart failure. I look forward to that.  Good thing I'm ready for a challenge!

Coincidentally, Lent begins next week. This year I'll be giving up the internet for entertainment purposes. I want to spend time doing the things I didn't do during my time off - I want to reinstitute morning prayer with the Liturgy of the Hours, spend more time on creative pursuits especially writing. It's funny for someone who lives a quiet life alone, but I want to slow down.  Be more deliberate in what I do, and be more present while I do them.

Where ever you are and whatever you're doing, I hope  you're warm and content.


  1. Tess, you write that for two years you've not had a holiday. Not good. Even Christ took time off, so what did he do that you couldn't do on your own? He gave you the whole month of February as a holiday. "...I feel ready to tackle life once more." Maybe that is why he gave you that well deserved holiday :)