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the lighthouse

02 February 2016

Have you learned your something new today?

In case you haven't, I'll share these things I've learned today:

Most people set their alarm clock for 6:30 AM, but also, most people are not fully awake until 9:40 AM.  Think of the safety hazards! The excesses of caffeine! The morning meetings absolutely nobody is paying attention to!  Yikes... the somnolent driver in the car beside you on the 401! Wouldn't it make more sense to just not get up until 9:40?  Or, let's pretend to be civilized and make it 8:00.

The British are still very British, even in this post-modern era.  In a discussion of rapprochement, Iran, Saudi Arabia, and all things scary in the Middle East, the interviewee described the Saudis as being 'jolly unhappy'. Once again, understatement wins the day.

In the same vein of Britishness, a news report told of Chinese airlines resolving to fine passengers for 'boorish behaviour'.  It sounds so jolly English, doesn't it? I can't imagine an American using 'boorish'. Or 'rapprochement' for that matter.

January 23 was National Handwriting Day.  Rats; I missed it.  I've entered it into my calendar for next year, and will celebrate it with a surfeit of letter writing, fountain pens and ink.

It is common for weddings in India to have 2,000-5,000 guests.  Can you imagine?  I mean... can you imagine???  They also go on for 3 - 5 days, and can cost in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The bride's family will even pay the airfare of their guests.  I heard of one with 11,000 people costing three quarters of a million dollars.

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