The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

15 February 2016

Hold the dog; double the rum.

So cold.

Can barely type.

Send the St. Bernard.

Actually, never mind the dog, he'll just want walking. Just send rum. Lots and lots of rum.


  1. I could not agree more. As I am too far away to assist, I hope one of your local friends fulfills your request!

    1. I used the Jane Austen method to get warm: shawl and tea.
      But wouldn't it have been a good story if there'd been a knock on the door and I'd opened it to find a bottle on the step? Like from the milk man, but better! (When I lived in Germany we had a beer man. Seriously! We had a standing order and he'd deliver weekly. Again, like the milk man but better!)

    2. A beer man? Such an enlightened country! I must visit some day!

    3. Yes!! It is a place where a large pizza is the size of a dinner plate, but a large beer must be lifted with two hands.