The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

25 May 2010

Up the hill

There is an old bike in our shed which had a gel cover on the saddle. I say 'had' because I have nicked it. It now pads my very own bicycle seat, in the hopes it will pad my very own seat.

As today promised to be a fine day, I planned to bike up to the library in order to prevent the accumulation of overdue fines (I hear they can sometimes be steep!) It will get quite warm as the day advances, so I loaded up the front-mounted basket with books, wallet, water, billcap and sweater and set out. To brave The Hill. The Library Hill.

The Hill, as I've mentioned before is a challenge to the novice cyclist (of which I am one)as it is at once steep and long. Or so it feels. The first time up, I had to dismount shy of the parking lot in a near collapse. The second time I managed to keep my feet but again didn't quite make it all the way. My last trip I made it all the way to the bench outside the front door of the library, but had to sit for a few minutes before I was fit to show myself inside.

This time, dear Reader, I managed just the right gear setting and arrived at the library bench still in control of myself, and was able to go right in. The problem is, though, that my cheeks get very... rosey. I found a little table out of the way to sit and give myself time to calm down a little. Also, I was trying to be discrete about sweating - thus the light sweater I had with me. Sorry to be so frank about this, but biking makes me sweat. Not something I like to do in a refined environment like the public library!

The ride home was accomplished in rapid time, with confidence as I think I'm really getting the hang of this gear business. On the right hand, anyway. What I'm supposed to do with the gizmo on the left hand side, I'm not clear about.

There is good news: the gel seat cover did help! It's not the sofa cushion I was once contemplating, but it is certainly an improvement over the plank-of-wood experience of my first outings.

Tally ho!


  1. Keep biking, Tess, for we may see the day when biking makes a crucial comeback. Same with gardening!

  2. ... and I look forward to that day. I enjoy the slower pace and simplicity of getting around with pedal power. As for gardening, there is a great deal of satisfaction in causing things to grow - especially things that contribute to the quality of life of my family.