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the lighthouse

03 December 2010

Home in 23 days

... until the House of Nuts is on the move once more.

In the way that has become typical of us, we began to think that we should think about moving. Not long after, moving became a reality: the day after Christmas we will get the keys to our new house.

The time between thought and move here to Sohoe two years ago was two months. I've had other moves that happened that quickly, but this one - 23 days - is the quickest, by far. Not to mention awkwardly timed, what with Christmas coming and all. It seems that our Advent preparations this year will involve packing and cleaning, rather than baking and wrapping.

What a wonderful way to begin a new year though - everything feels new again in a new home... full of hope and promise and unknown potential.

The truly amazing detail is that we're moving only eight houses away. We can see the new place from the front door of the current house. It backs onto the park the boys play in, and not only will the big boys be able to go to the same school, they will use the same bus stop.

The drawback to it being so nearby is that we're thinking this is going to be an easy move; that we'll just load up the Red Flyer wagon with sweaters and tea towels and legos and pull it down the street behind us, then unload the things directly into their new places. Sounds great, doesn't it? But consider the date, and the expected weather conditions. Consider how many sweaters and tea towels and legos there are in this family of eight people and how many trips of the Red Flyer that would require. Imagine unmentionables falling off the pretty red wagon into the slush, left behind for cars to drive over, and a random neighbour to leave on the front doorstep because they were too embarrassed for you to bring themselves to ring the bell.

Anyway. Think of us as you fight the crowds, or family, or the holiday blues and be thankful that you're already home.

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  1. Oh, gasp, STOP!! I'm trying to be quiet like here on the couch and I am shaking the couch I am laughing so darn hard!! GAAK!!