The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

24 December 2010


There is a palpable hush in our little world. It is Christmas Eve and the Peanuts are in bed for a few hours of rest before we go to Midnight Mass. The tiny tree is trimmed, packages are beautifully wrapped, and displayed so at to tease and entice.

We have been preparing ourselves for four weeks,and now the celebration is about to begin at last. Not only do we have a tree and treats and presents, but our new year will begin in a new house... yet another chapter for this Family of Nuts.

Speaking of family. We are greatly blessed to be together this Christmas - the eight of us and Oma too.  There are many of you out there we consider to be family, and you are in our thoughts and prayers.  May this Christmas be one of blessing and great joy for you.  Some of you have suffered this past year, and our prayers for comfort and peace are with you.

Happy Christmas, dear Reader.  May God bless you.

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