The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

04 July 2011



Lucy in the sky with all those diamonds - Five's version of the Beatles classic.

Peanuts One through Four were sharing their favourite moments from a Rock Band marathon the day before.  Five finally piped up with, “Hey guys, listen to this.  This is my song.”
And then he was quiet, looking at us expectantly.
Naturally we all chimed in with helpful questions, suggestions, snatches of songs, ponderings of what he could mean; none of which actually helped him share his song with us.
“Guys, this is my song.” he said again. Then looked at us.  “You have to talk to me.” And waited.
Fortunately, her mother’s instinct kicked in, and Mama Nut was able to supply what he was looking for, and she burst into that classic of one-hit-wonders, The Final Countdown.

I’ll bet you’re na na na’ing the guitar bits, aren’t you?

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