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the lighthouse

29 October 2011

Done and dusted

Well dear Reader, the deed has been done.  The Big Interview was conducted Friday morning, after a week of hair raising events (ha ha... hair raising!)  (For that to be funny, you have to read an earlier post about how I prepared for the interview) There seemed to be no end of distractions, from sick Peanuts, injured Peanuts, uncooperative household appliances, vehicles at near breakdown status, one of us lost in the maze of country roads, and electrical meltdown, to the utter failure of our wireless network, which resulted in a mad but hopeful dash to the helpful office supply store to have the notes for my 40 minute presentation printed in quadruplicate and in colour. Every day seemed to being a new foible of fate for us to grapple with, causing us to cast our eyes skyward and say to You Know Who, "There must be someone who can use this" - with me hoping that some of it would be put toward the Interview Which Loomed Large.  I was really struggling with what to do for the assigned presentation, and generally not looking forward to the interview process itself.  Does anybody really enjoy being grilled about themselves by perfect strangers who use the enticement of possible employment to get you to lay all your stuff bare?  Gak!

I think God did generously share some of the merit of that crazy week with me, because I felt not one twinge of the usual nervousness. I was able to be detached, and actually (unbelievably) enjoy the process. That's clear evidence redemptive suffering, or 'offering it up' really does work.  My thank to you out there who prayed for me on Friday.  May the blessing return to you a hundred fold!

PS.  I wore my hair straight (translation: application of a blow drier for half an hour, after judicious amounts of mousse; flat iron the morning of with hairspray.  Two small sections of the front were pulled back in bobby pins).  No sensible - or even trendy - librarian's updo.  I had visions of dropping pins all throughout the interview, hair falling in straggly bits, and them chasing me down the hallway after to give handfulls of pins back to me.  No thank you!

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  1. Excellent, excellent! So glad to hear all went well, and without the usual nerves to boot!
    And good on you re: the hairdo. I definitely approve.