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the lighthouse

13 October 2011

Of legs and border guards

After 25 hours of driving over the past few days, it sure feels good to be home again and stationary - though the stationary thing might be a figment of my imagination since my body feels like it is still in motion. 

The last seven and a half hour stretch was particularly rough as it took place at night in the rain.  Something in the way my eyes work turns wet road surface into fun house mirror - moody, indistinct, and misleading. My body was tense with the effort to hold the steering wheel tight, braced to brake or swerve at any moment. I didn't realize how tense I was until I finally reached my exit and tried to take my foot off the gas in order to slow for the curve.  I barely persuaded my leg to respond.  I had brief visions of having to continue on and on and on along the highway until I finally reached a barrier - likely the border crossing where burly US officials would blow out my tires, circle my car with guns drawn and yelling into walkie talkies for backup.

Imagine the headlines the next day:  Canadian female held at US border crossing for failure to stop.  Sources say driver blames road construction as surface was too dark in the rain. Doctor consulted for this article denies colour of road material has any impact on ability of drivers to use legs in order to brake. Meanwhile, in true Canadian fashion, the driver in question is demanding the government take action. We have consulted a government official who claims a committee will be struck to discuss conducting a study.


  1. Lol, I love it!!! But no fear young lady, those burly guys at the border are usually gentle. Usually. I too hate driving in the rain at night. I never really liked night driving anyway even in good weather, it's still not natural to me. But anyway, I'm glad you made it back safely. There aren't enough librarians in the world that wear sensible shoes ;)


  2. LOL - and six years later, the committee will convene and 12 years after said incident everyone will agree that the doctor was probably right.

    That will be 4 billion dollars please...

  3. "Never judge a person until you drive a mile at night in the rain with their eyes", I always say.

    Sensible shoes? Bobby, you know better: we are librarians of the 21st century... savvy, cool, and well-shod.

    Sarah, I love inflation!