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the lighthouse

23 April 2012

Blow-dried irony

I never thought I'd be saying this on April 23:  it is snowing.

Well, it's more like rain with presence, but it's rather more present than we would like it to be at this time of year. Is this meteorological irony? Environmental sympathy?

All I know is I blow-dried this morning - used product and everything.

If you don't understand why I'm writing about this, you must have a Why chromosome.

This is a good day, weather notwithstanding.  I'm off on a mini road trip after work (good thing the car is still wearing snow tires) and will be spending time with some long lost friends.  Tomorrow there is a very important appointment, which I'm hoping will point me in the right direction... voluminous hair and all.


  1. Rain with presence.. a Why chromosome... Tess, you always bring a smile. I have just said a prayer for your appointment, and will do so again. Enjoy your trip; enjoy the snow.

  2. If there are 12 "unique" comments from me, it's because I can't seem to delete my "prove you're not a robot attempts." Gosh, maybe I AM really made of tin!

  3. Oh dear! They should at least use real words for those things, don't you think? Or at least a recognizable alphabet! I feel like I'm sitting an eye exam sometimes, and it's my vision being tested, rather than my humanity.

    Thank you for the prayers, Nancy - they are greatly appreciated. The appointment is at 3 tomorrow.

  4. Welcome to my world! In Sask, a MONTH ago, we had sun and lovely spring temps. This was followed by weeks of near-zero and rain, then below zero and snow. Two days ago it was -2; today it's supposed to be +28 (waiting by the patio with a cool drink and a lawn chair). When they said "climate change", I didn't think it meant every 20 hours...

    But I do sympathize. Snow in April is just. Wrong.

  5. Mrs P, it's more than a mortal soul can bear!

    Weather, I'm sorry to say, was the biggest factor in my decision to not pursue a job opportunity in Sask. Like the Czar in Fiddler on the Roof, I ask God to bless and keep winter... far away from us.

    Or at least confined to one decent 3 month window ;-)

  6. Good luck Tess. I wish you the best. Good news or bad...let us know how it went okay? About the weather...ummm never mind. Good luck :)

  7. Prayers for your appointment! I had my own big appointment yesterday - which I think went really well. :) Time will tell.... In the meantime, prayers that your appointment provides all the direction you're looking for. Jesus, we trust in You.

  8. Thank you, Resolute and Bella. I think it went well, and will now wait and see where the doors open.

    Congratulations to you, Miss Bella! You are fabulous and they recognized that, snapping you up just as quickly as they could.