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04 April 2012

Mid-week randoms

We're in the middle of Holy Week.  Already.  (Please excuse the upcoming digression into cliche) How did that happen?  Where has the time gone?
What with three family birthdays, several major feast days, the Great Northern Road Trip, and preoccupation with a few personal issues, this Lent has been less than focused and certainly less than intense. I managed to get to Confession last weekend but that's about all the spiritual preparation I've done so far for Easter.  I hope I'll be able to enter into the Triduum whole-heartedly - at the moment this weekend is looking like a big ol' mountain to climb, and I haven't been training.

I came across this question yesterday: what movie errors drive you around the bend? My dad was bothered by military goofs. Uniforms or salutes gone wrong, insignia errors, improper handling of firearms would be brought to our attention after the closing credits. For me it is clothes. Have you noticed how rare it is for a character in a movie or tv series to ever wear the same thing twice?  I'm not concerned about stories told over the course of a day, but take Carrie Bradshaw, for instance, or our coffee-shop Friends. There is no way Carrie fit all those clothes, shoes, accessories, and coats into that closet. Luggage is another problem: people carrying bags as if they were packed with air, or a character travelling to England in winter with one or two suitcases.  Throughout the movie, she wears seven different winter coats and the footwear was ever-changing. Either she's the best packer ever, or she couriered herself new clothes for every day.

Driving instructors need to spend time when teaching women to drive on how to take right-hand turns.  There must be something in the female genetic code that necessitates a complete stopping of the vehicle before turning off into the side street or parking lot.  I always always always try to be helpful by reminding them - loudly - that the car will not break if they keep moving forward. And I say this as a female driver.  Also, we need not swerve far right in order to turn left.  Just a tip.

I haven't written about my beloved boys in red* recently.  I am happy to report that they are fine, they are five points up on their arch enemies**, and with only seven matches left in the season, things are looking very hopeful for a win. One of the great things about footie, is once the last game is played, the season is done. No messing about with playoffs and 3 month post-season la-de-da.  Of course this summer we have the UEFA conference championship two months of international competition in which Germany is sure to show everyone how the game is played.  Woohoo!

An ongoing source of humour is any mention of Toronto (or any Canadian city) in American media. It is always given as "Toronto, Canada" This is funny because, surely by now enough Americans are familiar with Toronto that it doesn't need any more clarification than, say, Des Moines, and, because Toronto Canada sounds - to a Canadian - like Des Moines USA would sound to an American. Among ourselves we say "Toronto, Ontario" and "Des Moines, Iowa"  It's true our10 provinces and 3 territories are confusing ... but I did once manage to put all 50 (+1) states in alphabetical order.

I posted pictures some weeks ago of my writing space. People commented on how tidy it looked, and I replied I need order and tidiness to be able to work.  Guess why I haven't posted anything in a while?

*Manchester United
**Manchester City


  1. Gaff's in movies...that is a great question! Nuns habits that are totally off and sequences where instruments are played and the player is clearly not playing the music that is being broadcast. The former bugs me because I'm a Catholic that knows what a real nun, in a real habit should look like (and it would take one internet search to figure out what a real habit looks like). The latter just bugs a musician, kind of like bad grammar bugs a writer.