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the lighthouse

03 August 2012

More tips from Tess

When you have had several sleepless nights, you might be tempted to resort to ingested interventions.  I hear warm milk can be effective.  I like a swig of rum now and then and it usually makes me drowsy. Then there are the options found at the pharmacy - my favourite is Gravol which I always always have on hand, being that my inner ears rebel when I so much as sit on a rocking chair or take one of those elevators that give a lurch before moving floors. Don't talk to me about taking a cruise, going whale watching, or getting one of those funky 'wave in a box' doobers that is meant to be soothing but instead, even just writing about it, makes me need to put my head down, close my eyes, and think very determinedly about solid ground.

Anyway.  Back to my tip.  When you take a sleep aid, and then also use ear plugs to neutralize the possibility of hearing the potential figment of your imagination parading as a raccoon in your bedroom, be sure to take your mobile phone's sound settings off vibrate so when the alarm goes off at seven in the morning you actually hear it.

Otherwise you wont wake up until 8.23 when you have to be at work by 9.

You're welcome.

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