The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

01 October 2012

Of Alfred and his cheeks

I ate lunch with a chipmunk today. He sat beside me the whole time – possibly because I fed him scraps.  Chipmunk-safe scraps, I assure you. He was full of quick, nervous movements as he filled his cheeks so full they were wider than his belly, his beautiful brown eyes watchful. I tried to call him Chippy or Chip or Dale, but he assured me his name was Alfred. We arranged to meet again on Wednesday if the weather is fine.


  1. I want to edit this post, but Blogger wont let me in.

    I'd like it to read: He was all quick, nervous movements as he packed his cheeks so full... .

    Drrr... darned Blogger!

  2. Grrr, blogger. Still, a lovely image it is!