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the lighthouse

17 October 2012

Rusty silence

Have you missed me?
It occurs to me what a ridiculously egotistical thing it is to keep a blog like this.  If I were writing social commentary, deep political insights, or providing hard to find information about button collecting, there would be some point for me to keep writing, and you to keep reading (provided you were intrigued by social commentary, deep political insights, or button collecting).  As it is, all I give you is the ramblings of my rusty mind with the occasional bit of deeper reflection thrown in.  Thank you for being here!

Seems to have been an age since I wrote anything, and the longer silence reigns, the harder it is to break it.  I've been hampered somewhat by ongoing technical issues and a small personal tsunami that must be dealt with before I feel intact enough to resume sharing those ramblings.

In the interim, I have begun to reread The Hobbit (or There and Back Again) in preparation for the upcoming and long-awaited movie adaptation from Peter Jackson and his ever so brilliant team that brought us The Lord of the Rings at the turn of the millenium.  Are you a Tolkien fan?  Have you seen the trilogy?  Will you go to see The Hobbit?  How excited are you to see Richard Armitage as Thorin Oakenshield, and how sad are you that there will be no Aragorn to lead them all to safety?


  1. You are rereading the Hobbit, that is a fantastic idea... I have only read it once and it would be good to read it again before the movie comes out. However, I have read the LOTR three times:)! I am very much a Tolkien fan, and I have seen the trilogy (pretty much my favourite movies)... and I am looking forward to seeing the Hobbit. To be honest, I am looking forward to seeing it overall and not to the particular actors (except to see how they portray their characters). I am just sad that Samwise will not be there... "Frodo could not have done it without his Sam." Do you have a favourite character? I will miss many of the others, including Aragorn and Aomer:).

    Glad that others are looking forward to the movie.
    God bless,

  2. We just found out that New Zealand, where they filmed each movie, has started an official tourist campaign that includes LOTR money and the catchphrase, "Welcome to Middle Earth" or something like that.

    Umm...I wanna go...

  3. I'm not a tolkien fan and the movies sounded too extravagant and whimsy to me. It's not the kind of movie that captivates me. I would choose one like "Atonement" or "Lost in Translation", preferably with you at my side :-)