The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

05 July 2015

July five

Today is a very special day, as it is Number Three Nephew's 12th birthday.  Twelfth!  How on toast did that happen? I must not have been paying attention because I'm pretty sure he was only five yesterday.  I bought him a decorative box from the dollar store (one a boy wouldn't feel awkward with) and filled it with about seven different kinds of candy from the Bulk Barn.  He is one happy camper.

It has also been a three-h-day - hazy, hot, and humid.  Coming down off the escarpment on the way home, I couldn't tell there was a lake out there at all, the sky was so very hazy.

So, it's been a full day.  I've just now managed to write a little, advancing the next chapter forward a smidge.  Perhaps 250 words.  While writing this evening, I was able to clarify some details in my mind about where Gamel came from and why he is where he is when we first meet him. It is very interesting - and exciting - to me to see this process unfold.

Day five: check.

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