The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

23 July 2015

July, twenty-third day

Writing every day, but sometimes only in snatched moments here and there (so it's either write, or post updates).  I'm learning about, and am fascinated by, the process - the alchemy - of writing a full-on manuscript/story/book.  It's both far harder and much easier than I thought.  That is because I used to get hung up on the details, the cosmetics, and the craftsmanship of what went onto the page so that I couldn't move forward until everything was just so.  With this project, I'm having fun, I'm enjoying it all, am freely exploring, and most of all, am just putting it down, knowing that this is only one draft of (probably) several. While writing entire sections, I have known that bit wasn't good and would either have to go or be transformed later.  But I am content to leave that for later.  Writing badly can still move the story forward or reveal details I didn't know about before.  Writing badly still gets the imagination flowing and keeps the pencil moving across the page. Sometimes a little jewel is left behind from writing badly, so I'm happy with every day a little writing happens, even when it's bad.

Day twenty-three: brief and bad but brave.

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  1. It's been a while since you posted. I hope you are OK. Hope to hear from you soon.