The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

29 July 2009


A big change is in my near future: this weekend, my family is moving. They are moving out of town and hours away, while I shuffle over to a different 'burb for a short while. We're busy putting our lives into boxes...brown cardboard boxes, blue plastic bins, black garbage get the idea.
It's an interesting experience, handling the bits and pieces that compass, define, and make possible your life as you know it. It is purgative, stressful, freeing, humourous and time consuming -- and that's just the canvas tote collection I had tucked under my bed! Apparently I thought I needed 10. I was ruthless and whittled the count down to four. How liberating!
I'm fairly certain that I have packed my brain into a box as well. It hasn't been seen for a few days now, but I don't remember which box it's in. I hope I marked it clearly, so I can find it quickly when it comes to unpacking at the other end.
In the meantime, there may not be many posts until things settle down a little. All I've got to talk about is boxes anyway, and while I could spin that into deep metaphorical insights into life, perceptions, gender differences and so on, I am currently lacking my brain.

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