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the lighthouse

25 September 2009

The bullet

I've had the bullet in my back pocket for about a week, and today I finally bit it.

The bullet in question is a writing course. I began this blog just over a year ago as a test of whether I would be able to write on a regular basis, even when I didn't have anything in particular to say. The next step is to learn something of the business side of the desk, and to find out if I have the talent, mettle, or desire to write for money.

My first assignment is to come up with ideas for a non-fiction article, to think about areas of expertise or interest, and to research the market for publications that might be interested in my piece...then to construct a proposal, and write the article.

We are not required to actually submit the proposal to a real live editor, but I gotta tell ya, reader dear, my mouth is a little dry right now at the "realness" of the assignment. There's a pretty big divide between a life-long daydream and the real deal.

Dry mouth aside, trying to narrow my ideas down to just one is a bit like asking a child at the icecream counter to choose only one flavour. Will it be 101 tips for a stress-free move? Or getting the customer service you deserve? Or a look at parenting from the outside in?

This bullet requires a little chewing. Feel free to drop me a line if you have any ideas!

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