The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

20 September 2009


I am watching over the Peanuts for a brief while this evening. All have been put to bed for some time, except Number One Nephew who is at Mass with his daddy. I just noticed a light under their door, and even though it is silent as a church, I thought it best to see what was what. I opened the door to see their little bodies sprawled out - each one of them asleep with their arms spread wide open, with their heads to the side, and mouths slightly open. They're so little still, their beds and pillows look ridiculously big in comparison, making me feel very protective of these Peanut Nephews of mine. All I could hear was their little-boy-asleep breathing, so I left the light on, and ever so carefully edged backwards out of the room again.

8.30 and all is well.

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