The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

07 September 2009

The same but different

The old house had Crazy Car Lady. This neighbourhood has many friendly neighbours who like to walk, so we frequently see someone going past our front window (and it's so nice to be able to see out of a front window, not having the view obstructed by a protruding garage)

I think amusement will come from one set of neighbours who drive two big trucks - a gleaming white one, and a shiny black one, much to the delight of Four, who is mad for anything with a cumbustion engine and wheels. These neighbours (still awaiting Lighthouse names) come and go many several times a day; sometimes I don't think they actually get out of the vehicle. Perhaps they're checking to see if their house was burgled, then assured of the safety of their property carry on with the day's obligations out in the world.

As we were unloading our worldly goods from the rented moving truck a month ago, various people came along to welcome us to the neighbourhood, and give us some helpful information about other of our neighbours: that house are lax parents; such and such a house are very strict; long-haired man doesn't like kids on his driveway; so and so is a little cranky. We are Switzerland, and will defend our neutrality with all the ingenuity and diplomacy in our arsenal: name, rank and serial number - no other information will be given.

Dog walkers abound. One couple in particular is quite fun to watch. Their idea of walking their dog is to take it across the street where know. Then they take it all the way across the street and back home again. Once, Mr. Dog Walker was seen attempting to actually walk Pooch, but the little thing was so used to it's routine it refused to go anywhere other than across and back.

Tomorrow, school begins, and the tempo and tenor of the streets will change. Life will be the same but different.

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