The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

04 November 2009


Eating a supper of pork, Peanuts Two and Three were discussing the difficulty of gristle.

Two was being encouraged to just leave it at the side of his plate without a lot of fuss and bother.

Three said he just didn't chew the bad stuff. He chewed the rest and then swallowed it all. "I have a big throat", he said, "so it's no problem for me"

Number One Peanut has recently taken up the habit of air quotes. Everyone has a different air quote style, of which his is an almost curt and masculine curling of the first two fingers of each hand in front of his shoulders. The first time I noticed it, he was telling us about a shape map he had to do in language arts, though he didn't know why it was called a *air quote* shape *air quote* map.

I *air quote* luff *air quote* it!

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