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the lighthouse

28 November 2009

She may not be Oprah, but if Ellen says so...

In this neck of the woods there is a regional magazine that promotes what I would call ... umm ... an exclusive lifestyle. They do not run advertisements for dinner at Denny's, let's put it that way.

For example, in their helpful list of Christmas gift ideas, they suggest:

Whether sauntering around the spa, cruise ship or home, Okab flip flops made from recycled material massage your feet as you walk and provide arch support. Also, daytime talk show host Ellen endorses them and that's the next best thing to Oprah. $44.95 a pair.

Now, I don't know about you, but the next time I schlep around the decks of a cruise ship, I want to be schlepping in some overpriced made-from-thrown-away-other-people's-junk flip flops.

Our media maven friend over at Harpo inc, on the other hand, has her own magazine, the holiday issue of which (ironically has Ellen on the cover) features nifty gift suggestions of $120 clutch purses to give to your very best friend. Or $80 bath soap for your mail delivery person. Great! Good to know there are such bargains to be found in these days of economic down turn.

My holiday recommendation? Spend time with family and friends. Have a really nice meal. Think about how you can help someone in your community. Be sure to wish people a happy Christmas - we can all use reminding just what holiday it is we're celebrating. Christmas is about giving, but the thing given doesn't have to cost a cent. Or support your arches.

PS. Another suggestion (not endorsed by a talk show host) is a $10 jar of peanut butter. With banana mixed in.'s jungle banana. Which probably makes it worthwhile, right? Elvis, as we all know, loved his pb+b sandwiches, but our lives are so busy now, to-ing and fro-ing, that you probably never have time to slice the banana yourself, and have to make do with plain old peanut butter. This is your lucky day! Now the banana (ever noticed how mushy banana gets? And how quickly it goes brown?) is right there in the jar. Just scoop it up with all that peanutty goodness.


  1. Eww, eww, eww on the PB & B. Blech!

    PB & J all the way, thank you very much. Though you couldn't pay me to eat it pre-mixed. I'll take the extra few minutes to make it myself, culling the PB and the J from their own separate jars. One from the pantry, one from the fridge.


  2. agree with Carly...bananas yes, from the jar, no.

    Oh, does that mean you're NOT going to buy me the clutch purse?