The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

29 August 2011


We have to fix the bottom sleeves.  That's what we do. Five, demonstrating how he pulls the legs of his pyjamas down.

Four and Five were playing upstairs. Five tried to entice his big brother to do something they had been cautioned by Mama Nut not to do. No, Five; we're not allowed, Four admonished him. Five then went to close the door. Now we're invisible, and she'll never know, he said, completely confident in the knowledge that if he can't see mummy, she doesn't know what he's doing.  Four, with the confidence of experience in this area quickly replied, Oh yes she will!

Four and Five have a unique system of naming things.  I'll provide a few examples; I'm sure you'll catch on quickly.
~ Ground hogger (a groundhog)
~ Axer (an axe-brandishing knight)
~ A ping ponger (a person who plays ping pong)

This habit has led to raised eyebrows from the uninitiated, especially when the boys talk about the kiddie ride at an amusement park called The Ladybug.  Or when Four tells one of the grandmas at the bus stop about his toy tow truck.  A tow truck, as you know, has a hook to lift with.  "We left the hooker at home," he sadly tells her.


  1. Haha! Love it! And what was Grandma's reply to that?!

  2. Is it egotistical to think one's children are the FUNNIEST children going??!!