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the lighthouse

31 August 2011

The best one yet

Another rejection letter arrived today.  Again, it's a special feeling to have such uplifting news be delivered to you in an envelope you addressed yourself, with a stamp you paid for.

This was the best letter so far - short, to the point.

Dear Writer,
Thank you for letting us review your sample work.
We are not able to offer you an assignment.
The Editors

It was thoughtful of them to not foster a false friendship with the use of names.
It's not personal, it's business.

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  1. Rejection is certainly no fun is it? About a year ago I sent some sample work to an editor who politely informed me that while she liked it....I was basically a nobody....soooo thanks but no thanks.
    That's how my blog got started...And I've been a nobody ever since!
    Blessings and +PAX, Tess