The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

14 August 2011

Of books and beaches

When people find out you are a librarian, one or both of two comments will follow: you must read a lot, and, aren't libraries/books obsolete now?

Libraries have always been concerned with being relevant for their patrons. With every innovation in printing, publishing, recording, information storage/delivery, with every new trend in public interest, libraries carefully consider how best to meet the needs of the public in a timely and fiscally responsible manner.

Despite Google, eReaders, smart phones, televisions in every room of the house, and entertainment systems in family vans, libraries have a vital, diverse role to play in our communities.  Library staff have to be imaginative and flexible in adapting their skills.  The concept of library must continually evolve as must every public service in these times of accelerated technological advances.

It's a delight, then, to come across stories like this, of a small library in Holland which instead of waiting for people to find the library building has gone to where the people are: the beach. What could be better than to be sitting by the sea with a ready supply of reading material?

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