The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

10 September 2011


While putting his Superman pyjamas on one night, Four was heard singing to the tune of Superman:
Puts on his clothes
Puts on his clothes
The girl helps him
The girl help him
Da da da da... da na na na

(The girl would be me)

Four has just begun kindergarten.  He's been longing to go on the school bus for years, and has all his life wanted to be the person going somewhere, saying goodbye to those left behind. There were no nerves, anxiety, doubts, or worries on his part - he was ready to conquer the world.  Each of the brothers, even Five, his inseparable companion till now, was pleased for him to finally be going on the school bus. The first day went off without a hitch - he was, in fact, blase about it.
On the second morning, I overheard this conversation between Four and Five:
"Five, I'm going to school again today."
"What??  Again?"
"Yes, Mommy says I go to school again today."
"But I wanted a turn!"

A few moments later, One was brushing Four's hair, asking him if he was excited to be going back to school again.
"Yes," he replied in a rather forlorn voice.  "But will I be going to school forever?"

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  1. I wish you could have recorded this and posted it in video format. I can picture the look on his face, gazing into the middle distance, his register getting higher and higher as he progressed through the song...... perfect!!