The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

01 September 2011

My eyes!

I'm getting old.  I know this because my arms are getting longer.

When I read something lately (I should say 'try' to read something), particularly when it is in a minuscule font, what I see is tiny blotches, like baby ants walked through fine dust before they danced lightly across the paper I'm holding out at arm's length. I'm sure it's actually letters of the alphabet arranged in groups to make up words, informing me I shouldn't use heavy machinery while under the influence of the medication contained in the bottle I'm squinting at.

I didn't used to have a problem seeing what was right in front of me - it was further along the road that I had a hard time deciphering. Now I have little trouble reading road signs in the next county, but I recently bought a "Canadian Berry Pie" and couldn't read what the berries were. In helpful larger font I was informed there were five varieties of Canadian berries, but the list of fruit was ever so small. Who doesn't like summer berries though, right? I went through a list of likely suspects in my mind: strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries... hmm.  What else?  I squinted, but couldn't make the words cooperate and grow larger. I brought the pie home anyway.

That experience has taught me two things:
1. I don't like cranberries in my pie.
2. Always bring the spectacles when shopping.

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