The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

23 September 2011

To everything, turn turn turn

The winds of change are blowing once again.  The time has come for me to strike out on my own once more, after three years of fun and fury with the Peanuts. How I've loved being up close and personal to see them grow!  We never expected, when I first arrived on their doorstep, depositing my worldly goods in their basement, that I would be a fixture in their lives for this length of time.  The months turned into years so quickly that it feels as though the calendar is lying when it reveals itself to be three years further on.

And so I have begun The Great Job Search. The challenge in this time for me, is to trust that God knows what is needed.  He knows what I am capable of, what my requirements are, and what I need in order to flourish.  He can sort it out much better than I can, so I must do my part - looking and applying - and leaving the details to Him.  No amount of fretting or worrying is going to bring about the perfect solution.  After three years of feeling incapable of looking after myself, I find that I am really looking forward to having a little home of my own, and exploring as yet unknown possibilities.  It's exciting!

If you are a praying sort of person, please offer one or two for me - job and home.  Thank you, and bless you!

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  1. I will pray for you, in spite of my faults.