The Lighthouse

the lighthouse

05 November 2011


I've never been a fossil in the wall  - A three-year old mondigreen (a misheard lyric) from the Veggie Tales song 'We are the pirates who don't do anything'. The real line is "I've never been to Boston in the fall.

Compost Superman features prominently in our household.  He's half Batman, half Superman.  His name is really Composite Superman, but Four went for the word he already knew: compost, as in the green bin under the kitchen sink.

Octover, says Four. "BER," Mama Nut corrects.  Right, Four, it's BerOctover. Five helpfully chimes in.

Randomly, Four asks, "How was your day, Dad?" Hearts melted.

"I don't do that down on the floor stuff."  Three, during a family dance party when asked if he'd like his turn demonstrating some breakdancing moves.

"You can both do one for me."  Four, magnanimously handing a candy to both Mama Nut and I to open for him.  He didn't want either of us to feel left out.

It's best to be with a family, with a mummy and a daddy, and a Tante Tess, and brothers. - Five, on the way home from a walk.

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